Is black jack randall a real person

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Jack Pearson (August 31, 1944 – January 26, 1998), [2] [3] portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia, is Rebecca's first husband (until he dies), and the father of Kevin, Kate, and Randall. [4] Jack had a brother named Nick. [5]

15 Apr 2019 ... And while Black Jack Randall is no more after the Battle of Culloden, there is still ... both Frank Randall and Black Jack Randall was Tobias Menzies, who ... on a real person was Jonathan Wolverton Randall a.k.a. Black Jack. | FAQ: About the Characters 11 Jul 2014 ... Image at upper right: Black Jack Randall (actor Tobias Menzies) ... Now, Mother Hildegarde was a real historical person, though she lived in the ... Outlander: How Black Jack Randall's Death Was Improvised | Vanity Fair 10 Sep 2017 ... Actor Tobias Menzies proves once again why he's TV's MVP. ... Because the Starz series is contending with the very real and bloody 1746 Battle of ... And the most heart-stopping moment of Black Jack Randall's demise?

I dwell in darkness, and darkness is where I belong. ~ Black Jack ...

Oct 14, 2017 · No they are not. Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall was listed on the family tree as a great, great, great, etc., etc.. grandfather of Frank Randall. But in truth he was an uncle that married his dying brothers girlfriend to give his baby a name. That being said on the Starz series Outlander the character is played by the same actor, Tobias Menzies. Scots History | A historical view of Scotland and the May 17, 2015 · We later discover that Frank is researching his ancestor, a Government soldier called Captain Jonathan ‘Black Jack’ Randall, who was in command of troops in … 'Outlander' Writer on "Uncomfortable" Jamie vs. Black Jack

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31 May 2015 ... But Jamie ends up offering himself (and his body) to Randall so that she could escape. ... Although Black Jack didn't know that Jamie would escape his ... It's to reveal the true nature and deep character of the person to whom ...

Ramsay Bolton vs. Black Jack Randall - The Atlantic Nov 12, 2015 ... #ActualWorst, Round Two: Ramsay Bolton vs. Black Jack Randall. A bracket to find the most terrible person on television. The Editors. Nov 12 ... Outlander Recap: Jack Randall is Alive, But How Will Jamie React ... Apr 18, 2016 ... 'Outlander' Stars on Black Jack Randall's Fate, Claire and Jamie's Emotional Distance ... darker turn when Claire morphs into Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) in ... “You now realize why this true historical figure was so inspiring to men ... “He's this young man who's been brought up in exile abroad and ...