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Key MLL – Minimum Length Limit SL – Slot Limit Possession Limit is TWICE the daily creel limit unless otherwise stated.4 Freshwater Game Fish Black Bass (Largemouth & Spotted)1 Location Size Limit Daily Creel Limit All state waters EXCEPT as follows: None 10 daily Eagle Lake 16” MLL 10 daily Poverty Point Reservoir 15-19” protected SL2 8 daily No more than one over 19” total length ...

The Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge was established to ensure the conservation and protection of migratory and resident waterfowl and neotropical migratory birds that depend on Caddo Lake. The site of the refuge was a part of the territory of the Caddo nation, native Americans whose powerful ... Caddo Lake: 100.0% full as of 2019-05-14 - Water Data For Texas Caddo Lake straddles the border of Texas and Louisiana, Texas has rights to 50% of Lake Caddo's total conservation capacity. Percent full, conservation storage and conservation capacity are based on the Texas share. Lake Monticello – My East Texas Lake Monticello is one of the most popular largemouth bass fisheries in Texas. On September 1, 1998, the slot length limit was changed from 14-21 inches to 14-24 inches in an effort to protect larger fish and possibly increase trophy fishing opportunities. Channel catfish are also popular at Lake Monticello. Texas Administrative Code - (ii) Caddo Lake (Marion and Harrison counties). (I) Daily bag limit: 8 (in any combination with spotted bass). (II) Minimum length limit: 14 - 18 inch slot limit (largemouth bass); no limit for spotted bass. (III) It is unlawful to retain largemouth bass between 14 and 18 inches.

Department (TPWD) has an established slot length limit for largemouth bass at Caddo Lake, making it illegal to possess largemouth bass that are between 14 and 18 inches in length [5]. The investigation of mercury in fish from Caddo Lake continued in April 1995, when the DSHS

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fishing tips for caddo lake. ... Texas Reservoir Levels; US Army Corps of Engineers ... Limits for catfish, crappie, white bass and black basses apply on both the ...

Caddo Lake Fishing Guides, Fishing Reports, Big Bass Videos ... Caddo Lake is a 25,400 acres lake and bayou on the border between Texas and Louisiana, in northern Harrison County and southern Marion County in Texas and western Caddo Parish in Louisiana. Texas Fishing Reports: Caddo Lake Fishing Report Misc Info: - Game fishes on the Texas side of the lake are managed under statewide regulations with the exception of largemouth bass, which is subject to a 14-18 inch slot length limit, 5 fish daily bag limit. The Texas Department of Health recommends limited consumption of largemouth bass and freshwater drum from this lake due to mercury levels. CADDO LAKE | The Handbook of Texas Online| Texas State ...

Caddo Lake. Location: On Big Cypress Bayou on the Texas-Louisiana state line, northeast of Marshall in Harrison and Marion counties Surface area: 26,800 acres Maximum depth: 20 feet Impounded: First dam built in 1914, replaced in 1971.

Caddo Lake East Texas. East Texas has some of the most beautiful lakes in Texas, largely because they are surrounded by lavish forests. If anyone ever asks me to pick the lake I like most, Caddo Lake, located near Jefferson, would be high on my list, largely because its mystical nature is captivating. Fishing Caddo Lake - Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Fishing Cover/Structure. Caddo began as a natural lake, but was dammed for flood control in the early 1900s. Native and non-native aquatic vegetation covers approximately 95 percent of the lake's surface area in Texas.